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Reynlow Park Road garage door damaged

Winslow Township, PA - Reynlow Park near Reynoldsville was reportedly vandalized. State Police in DuBois got a report that the incident happened sometime between 8 a.m. Oct. 9 and just before midnight Oct. 10. A garage door of a structure on Reynlow Park Road was damaged.... Read More.

Field near Penfield damaged by ATV

Huston Township, PA – A Penfield man says his property was damaged by someone doing "donuts" in an ATV. The 74-year-old man told police that either Oct. 1 or 2, someone damaged the mowed grass in a field along Laurel Run Road. The area is about... Read More.

Man damages Motel 6 near Clarion with rock

Monroe Township, PA - A York County man is facing charges for throwing a rock through a window at a motel in Clarion County. 22-year-old Gary Kyp from Hanover reportedly damaged the Motel 6 in Monroe Township, near Clarion, just before midnight on Aug. 27. Police... Read More.

Saint Marys soccer field damaged by tire marks

Saint Marys, PA – The new soccer fields in Saint Marys were damaged by someone who left tire marks. Saint Marys Soccer Association says the malicious damage to the new fields at Kaulmont Park will have an impact on local youth being able to use... Read More.

Corn field damaged in Clover Twp, Jefferson County

Clover Township, PA - A corn field was damaged when someone likely used a side-by-side or ATV to ride through a farm in Jefferson County. The victim, a 29-year-old man from Summerville, reported to police that his crops had been damaged along Shields Road in... Read More.

Fox Township Community Park spray painted

Fox Township, PA – The Fox Township Community Park in Elk County was vandalized recently with spray paint. State Police in Ridgway say there was green spray paint on the pavilion and skate park in the community park in Kersey. It was reported to police on... Read More.

Baseball Cherry Run Camp baseball field vandalized

Toby Township, PA – Someone vandalized a baseball field in Clarion County. Sometime the night of July 11 or the morning of July 12, an unknown person drove a motorized vehicle over the Cherry Run Camp baseball field in Toby Township, Rimersburg, causing $500 worth... Read More.

BB gun damages window in Clarion County

Salem Township, PA - A home's window was damaged by a BB gun in Clarion County. A 53-year-old Knox woman says someone used a BB gun to shoot through a window of her home on Route 208 in Salem Township around 4:40 p.m. on July... Read More.