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Biden reacts to judge striking down transportation mask mandate

(WASHINGTON) -- President Joe Biden gave his first public reaction to a federal judge striking down the government's transportation mask mandate, telling reporters on Tuesday that Americans should make their own decisions on wearing masks on planes -- further muddying White House and administration... Read More.

Elk County man arrested for harassment

Ridgway, PA -    State Police from Ridgway arrested a Force, Elk County man Easter Sunday morning on charges of harassment and physical contact. 53-year old Michael Barnett was arraigned for allegedly striking a female victim multiple times with a closed fist causing physical injury.

Man flown to hospital after striking trees on I-80

Clarion Township, PA – A man ran off of the road on Interstate 80, striking several trees and becoming seriously injured when he was thrown from the vehicle. 56-year-old Michael Gilliland from Fairmont City had been driving his Chevy Blazer on I-80 westbound in Clarion... Read More.