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Brockway warns to take emergency sirens seriously

Brockway, PA - Brockway Fire Chief Mike Hoskavich hopes that residents in the area take emergency sirens seriously. Hoskavich said that it is normal to hear a siren, get to shelter, and when nothing bad happens, think that authorities overreacted. However, there is a lot... Read More.

Man ejected from ATV crash in Jefferson County

Snyder Township, PA – A man was ejected from an ATV crash early this morning (March 17) in Jefferson County, just after midnight. The unnamed man had been riding near the Owens-Illinois Plant in Snyder Township, near Brockway. Jefferson County Fire Wire says the man was... Read More.

Vehicle strikes business sign, stairs in Snyder Township

Snyder Township, PA – An unknown vehicle struck a business sign and wooden stairs in Jefferson County. It happened around 9 p.m. Sunday on Game School Road in Snyder Township. The suspect left the road, went down an embankment, hit a set of in-ground wooden stairs,... Read More.

$3,435 in money orders stolen from elderly Brockway couple

Snyder Township, PA - Nearly $3,500 in money orders was stolen from an elderly Brockway couple. State Police in DuBois do not give the exact circumstances of the theft, only that multiple money orders totaling $3,435 were stolen from an 88-year-old man and 87-year-old woman,... Read More.

24-year-old Penfield man accused of intentional head-on crash

Snyder Township, PA – A Penfield man faces felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly intentionally striking another vehicle head-on. State Police from DuBois say 24-year-old Anthony Mancuso from Penfield had been driving along Route 219 in Snyder Township, Jefferson County (near... Read More.

22-year-old Brockway man damages car by throwing lighter

Snyder Township, PA – Criminal mischief charges are being filed against a Brockway man who police say caused damage to another man's vehicle. 22-year-old Anthony Bingham from Brockway reportedly threw a Bic lighter on Friday night. It struck a vehicle on Route 219 being driven by... Read More.