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Clearfield and Elk counties will soon line paint

Clearfield – Line painting may be coming to a road near you in Clearfield or Elk counties during these warm weather months. PennDOT is reminding you that line painting will be done on state roads only under dry weather conditions. Information will be posted on permanent... Read More.

Yellowstone closes after ‘unprecedented’ rain washes out roads

(WASHINGTON) -- All Yellowstone National Park entrances have been closed in the wake of "unprecedented" rainfall causing "substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides on roadways," the National Park Service announced Monday. Some roads have been washed out and others are covered in mud or rocks, according... Read More.

Icy roads lead to 2 major pileups on Texas highways

(HOUSTON) -- The winter storm that's hitting the country with frigid temperatures and icy precipitation caused two major highway crashes in Texas Thursday night. Ten cars were involved in the pileup at Westpark Toll Road, just outside of Houston, the police said. The cars hit... Read More.