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What the rate hike will mean for housing

(NEW YORK) -- The Federal Reserve’s string of interest rate hikes this year has thrown cold water on the once red-hot housing market. Existing home sales fell for the seventh straight month in August, down 0.4%, according to the National Association of Realtors, as the... Read More.

What Kansas’ abortion vote could mean for other states

(NEW YORK) -- After Kansas voters decisively rejected a bid to remove abortion protections from its state constitution earlier this week, researchers and activists say state lawmakers are likely to continue efforts to restrict access to abortion. The Kansas vote was the first state-level test after... Read More.

What interest rate hikes mean for you and the economy

(NEW YORK) -- The Federal Reserve on Wednesday dramatically escalated its fight to dial back historic inflation, raising its benchmark interest rate by 0.75%, the largest rate hike since 1994. The move offers hope that sky-high prices for essentials like fuel and groceries will... Read More.

US lifeguard shortage may mean summer pool closings

(NEW YORK) -- This summer, Americans across the country are going to have to find new ways to beat the heat. A nationwide lifeguard shortage is expected to leave thousands of public pools closed and beaches under “Swim At Your Own Risk” rules. “To start... Read More.