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What the rate hike will mean for housing

(NEW YORK) -- The Federal Reserve’s string of interest rate hikes this year has thrown cold water on the once red-hot housing market. Existing home sales fell for the seventh straight month in August, down 0.4%, according to the National Association of Realtors, as the... Read More.

Federal Reserve set for another dramatic rate hike

(WASHINGTON) -- Economists expect a major rate hike from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, the latest in a series of borrowing cost increases as the central bank tries to slash near-historic inflation while avoiding a recession. The Fed will likely raise the benchmark interest rate... Read More.

What the interest rate hike means for homebuyers

(NEW YORK) -- A difficult year for many homebuyers became even tougher when the Federal Reserve dramatically raised borrowing costs this week in an effort to tame sky-high inflation, experts told ABC News. For months, homebuyers have faced the dual challenges of skyrocketing mortgage rates... Read More.

PA Great Outdoors holding photo contests

Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce their lineup of photo contests for 2022. The four themes are Winter Landscapes, Hiking Trails, People in the Great Outdoors, Spectacular Sunrises & Sunsets, and Fantastic Food. The Winter Landscapes photo... Read More.