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CIA says foreign actor may be behind some Havana syndrome cases

(WASHINGTON) -- The CIA has assessed that the "majority" of reported cases of unexplained medical symptoms known as "Havana syndrome" can be "reasonably explained by medical conditions or environmental and technical factors," a senior CIA official told ABC News. The spy agency has assessed it's... Read More.

Trump inauguration head charged with being foreign agent

(NEW YORK) -- Tom Barrack, a longtime friend of Donald Trump's who chaired the committee that raised more than $100 million for his inauguration, has been charged with acting as an agent of a foreign government and obstruction of justice. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn said... Read More.

Report: MLB to crack down on foreign substances

(NEW YORK) -- Major League Baseball players have reportedly been briefed on a new policy change. The league is expected to announce Tuesday that any player caught with any foreign substance will be suspended for 10 days with pay, ESPN reports. This is an effort... Read More.