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DuBois woman faces assault and harassment charges

DUBOIS – Assault and harassment charges have been filed against a DuBois woman after she allegedly kicked a Penn Highlands nurse and struggled with police.According to DuBois City Police, 32-year-old Alicea Wineberg resisted their efforts to transport her to Penn Highlands DuBois on a... Read More.

Penn Highlands receives $1m grant for emergency dept renovations

DuBois, PA – Penn Highlands Healthcare received a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to support Emergency Department renovations at Penn Highlands Clearfield.Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr. and William Armstrong district office manager for Representative Thomas R. Sankey, 111, presented the... Read More.

Clearfield Police: vehicle accidents, suspicious person

Clearfield, PA - A couple of vehicle accidents happened in Clearfield recently, including one that ended in a physical altercation. Police also assisted EMS twice at the Penn Highlands Clearfield emergency department with disorderly patients. Clearfield Police investigated reports of a suspicious man behind... Read More.