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Clearfield County Jail moves forward with repairs

Clearfield – A missing bond beam in the roof is going to cost Clearfield County nearly $4 million in additional repairs at the County Jail.The discovery was made during a planned renovation project which already had a $9.3 million price tag.While skylights were being... Read More.

“Beam me up”: NASA Astronauts sound off on William Shatner’s real-life trek to the stars next week

With Star Trek icon William Shatner boldly going to space this Tuesday, some professional astronauts spoke with ABC News about Hollywood's most famous space traveler's upcoming journey aboard Jeff Bezos' New Shepard vehicle.NASA Astronauts Raja Chari, Kayla Barron, Tom Marshburn and ESA Astronaut Matthias Maurer are also headed to the final frontier, but are scheduled to blast... Read More.