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BB gun causes $400 damage to Osceola Mills garage

Decatur Township, PA – Someone shot a BB gun at a property in Clearfield County, causing $400 worth of damage. It happened between Dec. 3 and 6 at a garage along Horseshoe Curve Road in Decatur Township, near Osceola Mills. The 64-year-old victim says someone shot... Read More.

BB gun damages window in Clarion County

Salem Township, PA - A home's window was damaged by a BB gun in Clarion County. A 53-year-old Knox woman says someone used a BB gun to shoot through a window of her home on Route 208 in Salem Township around 4:40 p.m. on July... Read More.

Vehicles near Brockway damaged by BB gun

Snyder Township, PA - Four vehicles were damaged by what appears to be a BB or pellet gun in Jefferson County recently. The vehicles had been parked at an apartment parking lot along Route 219 in Snyder Township, near Brockway, early Wednesday morning. A 2012 Chevy... Read More.