What’s that song? Who’s the performer? How did they get that name? What inspired those words? Why does this music touch my heart … make me smile … make me cry … make me want to dance, romance and fall in love? Whatever happened to the great hits I grew up with?


For the answers, tune in to THE HISTORY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL with WINK MARTINDALE – a two-hour weekly look back at the songs and the stars who made the music magic. Each episode is built round a theme spotlighting yet another aspect of rock and pop history – from “Leading Ladies of the ’80s” to “The ’60s Greatest Dance Hits” … “Singer-Songwriters of the ’70s” to “The Best of Folk-Rock” … “The Magic of Motown” to “The Top 25 Hits of 1980” … “Super Groups of the ’60s” to “Inside Beatlemania” … “Goodtime Gold” to “The Super Summer Song Collection” – and many more.


These are the songs and stars everyone knows – the memorable music that’s formed the soundtrack of our lives. Each episode features the full-length versions of all-time favorite classic hits – along with insightful artist interviews and remarkable revelations from our goodtime host, legendary broadcaster Wink Martindale. It’s fascinating fun – and once you learn the true facts behind your favorite songs and stars, they become even more special – because now you know the rest of their sometimes sad, sometimes silly, often incredible and always unforgettable inside stories.