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Woman scammed out of $17,500 in Clearfield County


Morrisdale, PA – A Clearfield County woman lost $17,500 in a gift card scam recently.

The unnamed 66-year-old woman from Morrisdale told State Police in Clearfield that she fell victim to the scam on June 14.

She was told that someone would pay her $350,000 if she just sent then 35 $500 gift cards first.

She sent the 35 gift cards, totaling $17,500 and realized it was a scam when she never received the larger amount of money.

If someone claims you have won a prize or are eligible to receive a very large sum of money but only if you send them money first, it’s a sign it’s a scam. Scam artists will also often ask for payments in gift cards, which are more difficult for police to track.

Click Here to read the online police report. (You’ll need to scroll down to page 8 to see this specific report.)