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Today is final day to request mail-in ballot, vote early via mail-in


Harrisburg, PA – If you’re planning on voting by mail-in ballot or by early in-person voting this year, the deadline is today.

You can apply for a mail-in ballot at votesPA.com.

To vote early in-person, please call your county elections office and verify their hours. Then stop in-person to their building, wearing a mask, and request to vote early. The deadline to do so is today. They will issue you a mail-in ballot right then, answer any questions, allow you to vote then, and accept your ballot to be held and counted on Election Day.

Of course, you can always wait to vote in-person on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3 in-person at your poling place. You must be registered as a voter and only go to the poling place for your home address. If you had previously applied for a mail-in ballot but would rather vote in-person, be sure to bring your mail-in ballot with you.


Harrisburg, PA –In preparation for the upcoming general election, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar reminded Pennsylvanians to visit votesPA.com for trusted election resources. On votesPA.com, voters can find out where to drop off their mail ballotconfirm their registration statuslocate their polling place and much more.

“VotesPA.com is the one-stop shop for voters seeking election information,” said Secretary Boockvar. “I encourage all Pennsylvania voters to visit the site to find resources and answers for any of their election-related questions. Especially if you requested a mail ballot and have not returned it yet, go to the website to find your county’s drop-off locations, and make sure your ballot is returned by 8 p.m. on election day.”

At votesPA.com, visitors can:

On November 3, voters will elect the President and Vice President of the United States; U.S. Representatives; the State Attorney General, Auditor General and Treasurer; State Representatives; and State Senators in odd-numbered districts.

Pennsylvania voters have the option of voting in person on election day at the polls, which will be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. They should wear a mask, bring their own blue- or black-ink pen and follow social distancing guidelines.

The Department of State is supplying counties with masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, floor marking tape for social distancing and other supplies for polling places so Pennsylvanians can safely exercise their right to vote during this COVID-19 emergency.

Voters who applied for and received a mail ballot and then decide they want to vote at the polls must bring their entire mail ballot packet with them to be voided, including both envelopes. They may then vote on their county’s voting system.

If a voter applies for a mail ballot but does not return it and no longer has the mail ballot and envelopes, they may vote by provisional ballot at the polls on election day. Their county board of elections will then verify that they did not vote by mail before counting their provisional ballot.

Voters have the right to cast a provisional ballot at the polling place if they believe they are registered at the precinct but are not listed in the poll book or supplemental poll book. Voters may also vote via provisional ballot at their polling place if their mail ballot was cancelled due to lack of signature. County officials will review provisional ballots within seven days after the election to determine whether the voter was eligible.

Pennsylvanians  who are voting for the first time or voting in a new precinct for the first time must show proper identification, which may be either photo or non-photo ID. There is no identification requirement for voters returning to a polling place where they have voted before.

Voters are entitled to assistance in the voting booth if they are unable to enter the booth or use the balloting system. They can choose who will provide the assistance, except for their employer, an agent of their employer, an officer or agent of their union or the Judge of Elections.

Businesses, organizations and local officials are encouraged to use resources from the state’s Ready to Vote Toolkit at www.votesPA.com/r2vtoolkit to educate every eligible Pennsylvania voter about their options for how to cast their ballot in the  Nov. 3 election. The toolkit includes sample social-media posts, web banners, newsletter content, videos, flyers, and more.

For complete information about voting in Pennsylvania, visit votesPA.com or call 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772).