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Swiftwater Rescue Task Force tests equipment in Curwensville Lake


Clearfield County, PA – A special thank you to the PA Region 3 Swiftwater Rescue Task Force, who news director Brittany Madera got a chance to hit the water with over the weekend as they were testing out the equipment at Curwensville Lake.

The team says they do “high-risk, low volume” calls, which means that they don’t get called out for things like floods or water searches very frequently, but when they do it can certainly be dangerous. This means they need to stay well trained and make sure the equipment and their team are prepared.

Listen to the full interview about his role in the Sandy Township Fire Department, as well as the PA Region 3 Swiftwater Rescue Task Force, with Dana Smith.

The equipment that typically a Swiftwater Rescue team member would wear during a rescue mission.

News director Brittany Madera and Swiftwater Rescue chief Dana Smith on one of the inflatable rescue boats on Curwensville Lake.