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Summerville woman loses $3,750 to internet scam


Summerville Borough, PA – A Summerville woman was scammed out of thousands of dollars that she sent to someone over the internet.

The unnamed 31-year-old woman gave the unknown person her personal information and cashed a fake check that was sent by them.

Between May 29 and June 8, she lost $3,750 in total, split over several transactions. Police are continuing to investigate.

If someone asks you for money, especially if you do not know the person and did not contact them yourself, it is likely a scam.

Another good sign of a scam is if the person claims that you or someone you love will be in trouble if you do not send money immediately.

You should never give out personal or financial information to anyone who calls or messages you.

If you have concerns that something might be a scam but you’re not sure, you can always get the person’s information, hang up, and call your local police department.

Click Here to read the online police report. *You’ll need to scroll down on that page to see this specific report.)