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Summerville firefighters practice transporting patients


Summerville, PA – A shoutout to one of our fire departments in Jefferson County!

On April 4, the Summerville Volunteer Fire Department participated in a practice drill, training in different ways of transporting patients in a variety of scenarios.

They freshened up their skills and taught some newer members on how to correctly secure and package up a patient.

Summerville Volunteer Fire Department currently has 4 members in EMR class and 1 soon to be attending EMT class!

If you’re interested in joining Summerville or your own local fire company, reach out to them. They are always looking for volunteers who can serve in different ways, whether that is fighting fires, maintaining equipment, organizing paperwork, or fundraising.

Photo is courtesy of the Summerville Volunteer Fire Company.

Click Here to see the Facebook post from the Summerville Volunteer Fire Company.