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Stump Creek man jailed after assaulting fiance, threatening family


Henderson Township, PA – A Stump Creek man was jailed after allegedly strangling his fiancé and threatening other victims and their families.

The unnamed 36-year-old man had reportedly assaulted his fiancé on Saturday night at a home on First Street in Henderson Township.

When police interviewed everyone involved, they found the man had allegedly strangled his fiancé multiple times, physically assaulted others, and threatened to kill the victims’ families.

The victims are listed as a 40-year-old woman, 39-year-old woman, 44-year-old man, 47-year-old man, and a 16-year-old boy, all from Stump Creek.

Details remain limited, but the man was taken into custody and placed in the Jefferson County Jail.

Click Here to read the online police report. (You’ll need to scroll down to page 3 to see this specific report.)