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State Rep. Mike Armanini in support of legislation to support EMS staffing challenges


DuBOIS – State Representative Mike Armanini recently gave his support to legislation in Harrisburg that would make permanent regulatory waivers regarding staffing on basic life support ambulances. It’s an effort to ensure emergency medical services crews can respond to calls for help.

EMS crews are currently facing staffing challenges that sometimes prevent them from leaving the station to respond to a call, especially in rural areas.

Under previous state regulations, if an ambulance company did not have a certain level of staffing, they could not leave the station.

This significantly delayed care for people in dire health conditions.

That regulation was waived during the pandemic.

Armanini said he fully supports a permanent change to give today’s EMS agencies the flexibility needed to meet the public safety needs of their communities.

The bill is currently pending action in the State Senate.