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Sports teams allowed to use Brockway Taylor Memorial Park


Brockway, PA – The Brockway Borough Council adjusted their rules for the use of Taylor Memorial Park.

The council is allowing organized sports to play in the park as long as they follow all state guidelines, including guidelines relating to social distancing and keeping crowds to no more than 250 people. The organizers would have to submit a plan to the borough outlining how they will follow and enforce the rules.

The organizers of the Frank Varischetti All-Star Football Game outlined their plan and how they will enforce the rules, which is why the game is going to play tonight at Varischetti Field.

Council President Chris “Smoke” Benson explained the new resolution.

The fire department updated the borough council on its activities. The department responded to 21 calls since the last meeting, with 10 of those in the borough. Many came during the July 7 rainstorm. The department has been awarded some grants, including one that will provide personal protection equipment for COVID-19. Grants are helping to cover the shortfall in fundraising brought on by the pandemic, but the department has recently returned to selling donuts.

Longtime police officer Lanny Prosper resigned, and there may be another resignation in the department within the next month. However, Mayor Bill Hrinya said that the police department has coverage and a new officer did some early morning patrols recently.

The Brockway Borough Council will meet again September 3. Meetings have been in the Ambulance Training Center instead of the borough building.