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Scams involving $3,500 checks in mail in Lawrence Township


Lawrence Township, PA – In Clearfield County, Lawrence Township Police are warning about a mail and check scam going through the area.

A concerned citizen reported that he received several checks that had been mailed to his house in the amount of $3,500 each.

They claimed to be from Peoples Bank of Commerce and Copeland Sand and Gravel, Inc.

The piece of mail instructed the man to cash the check but said that, in order to get the money, he would have to disclose his personal information.

Lawrence Township Police confirmed through the bank that this is a closed account and that, if the man would have actually tried to cash the check, he would have received no money but would have given a stranger his financial info.

They thanked the man for his report and remind resident to be suspicious of any mail or phone call claiming that they will receive money they weren’t expecting.

Do not give out any personal or financial information to agencies you’ve unfamiliar with or haven’t called and contacted yourself.