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Scam alert: 71-year-old and 34-year-old both lose money to gift card scams


Elk County, PA – A few scams and vehicle break-ins reported throughout the area recently.

Early in the month, on Dec. 8, a 71-year-old Brockway woman told police that she had been convinced to buy gift cards and give up the gift card codes to a fraudulent website. In total, she lost $2,400 in that scam.

In another scam, this time out of Elk County on Dec. 14, a 34-year-old Dagus Mines woman thought she had found a legitimate “secret shopper” job. She received two cashier’s checks in the mail and was told to deposit them and use the money to buy gift cards. The checks came back as insufficient funds, but the woman had already purchases gift cards and sent in the codes on the back to scam artists. She lost $3,860 to that scam.

In some vehicle break-ins, several cars and trucks were broken into in the Kersey area several times between Nov. 11 and Dec. 9. It happened along Frey Road and Cherry/Upper Cherry Roads. 13 vehicles belonging to 11 victims were broken into, but police do not say whether the cars had been unlocked or if they were damaged in order to gain access to what was inside.

The thief or thieves took about $200 in cash, a $25 Sheetz gift card, $16 worth of lottery tickets, and several other items. If you know anything about it, please call State Police in Ridgway at 814-776-6136.

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