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Sandy Twp Police: online scam, noise complaints for parties


Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township Police say they’ve had to deal with a couple of minor fender benders over the past few days, especially in the Walmart parking lot.

They also had a report of a 19-year-old man who reached out about a scam in which an online acquaintance threatened to reveal intimate conversations with him.

As restrictions are slowly beginning to lift for gatherings of small groups, Sandy Township Police dealt with noise complaints for parties and backyard campfires.

Reports of a suspicious vehicle at the Soaring Heights School turned out to be a pair of teenagers who were hanging out there.


Read the full reports from Sandy Township Police Department:


May 16, 2020

A minor accident was reported in the Walmart parking lot. The parties were advised in the process of exchanging information. The situation was handled without incident.

False alarm at DuBois Feeds.

Employees of Wendy’s reported a man urinated in their parking lot. The man and his vehicle were gone upon officer’s arrival.

A South Brady Street resident reported his neighbor was having a fire in their back yard and being very loud. Officers handled the situation without incident.


May 17, 2020

Officers received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of Soaring Heights School. Upon arrival officers found an 18-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl who said they were just hanging out. Officers handled the situation without incident.

An Oklahoma Salem Road resident reported he heard someone in his garage. Upon arrival officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.

A vehicle driven by a 66-year-old DuBois woman backed out of a parking space at Walmart into the path of a vehicle driven by a 34-year-old Treasure Lake woman, causing moderate damage. No injuries reported.

Officers received a 3rd party call of a possible domestic disturbance in Treasure Lake. Upon arrival officers spoke to the resident and determined there was no problem. Prior to leaving the area officers were able to determine the disturbance came from another residence. They were able to handle the situation without incident.

A Pacific Avenue woman reported his neighbors were making too much noise.

A 64-year-old Hanes Drive woman reported her 58-year-old estranged boyfriend has been contacting her in violation of a PFA. Charges have been filed.

A 54-year-old Hetrick Road man reported his estranged wife threw his belongings in the yard after an argument. Officers handled the situation without incident.

A 19-year-old resident reported that he started conversing with a woman online. The woman then told the man that she had recorded the exchanges and would share them on social media with his family and friends if he did not pay her. Officers explained the event was a scam.