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Sandy Township, Treasure Lake Battling Aqua PA


SANDY TWP. – Sandy Township will be getting involved in the battle to keep Aqua PA from raising the rates for water service in Treasure Lake. At Monday’s meeting, the Board of Supervisors determined to split the costs of a Complaint against PUC against Aqua PA with the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association.  Supervisor Barry Abbott expresseed an opinion of somebody filing an class action lawsuit in the future.  

Sandy Supervisors also received updates on the Breck Road Bridge project, the Platt Road project, Phase 2 of the Kiwanis Trail sewer project, and the township’s federal appropriation for 2025.

Here are notes from the Monday, June 17th meeting of the Sandy Township Supervisors:

Aqua PA

Sandy Township will make efforts to stop Aqua PA from raising rates in Treasure Lake. Years ago, Aqua PA a private water company purchased Treasure Lake’s water and sewage systems.

The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association already voted unanimously to split the costs of a Complaint with the PUC against Aqua. The Board of Supervisors estimates the total cost to be between $35 to 55 thousand total, that cost being split evenly between the two organizations.  

The rate increase directly affects Sandy Township due to the fire hydrants in Treasure Lake. The 5,460 Treasure Lake residents are residents of Sandy Township.


The Breck Road Bridge was set on June 17.Sandy Township workers will begin backfilling the bridge and tightening the four thousand bolts. The bridge is on target for the June 28 deadline. The Township will be receiving $160 thousand in state funding for the bridge.

The Platt Road project is almost 100% complete. A small amount of paving is left.

Kiwanis Trail Phase 2 is underway with sewer work. Excavator work is needed and it has been busy at the Breck Road Bridge.

Senator Bob Casey, according to Township/City Manager Shawn Arbaugh, told the Township he has forwarded the application for the Township’s 2025 appropriation’s request. If granted it will provide the Township $500 thousand when the Township will need $600 thousand for the Industrial Drive project.