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Sandy Township Staff Possibly Moving


SANDY TWP. – The move of Sandy Township Administrative staff into the City of DuBois Municipal building could be happening sooner, rather than later. At Monday’s township supervisors meeting, Township and City Manager Shawn Arbaugh proposed that staff relocate now to help fill in the gap left by the departure of several City Administrative staff earlier this month. Such a move is dependent on the approval of DuBois City Council.

The supervisors also considered and approved transfers within the 2024 budget to cover delayed engineering fees which were higher than expected.


Here are the notes from Monday night’s meeting:


Conditional on City Council of DuBois’ approval, Sandy Township Administrative staff will be moving into the City of DuBois Municipal building sooner than planned.

·Due to the departure of City administrative staff earlier this month, Sandy Township has been helping fill in the gap.

·Township and City Manager Shawn Arbaugh proposed to the Board of Supervisors a similar deal that both he and City and Township Engineer Chris Nasuti have been participating in. Rather than hiring new employees for the City and having to choose whether to keep or fire them in two years, the Sandy Township admin staff could do both jobs.

·If approved by DuBois, the Sandy Township municipal building will enter into by appointment only state similar to what it was under Covid lockdown. Sandy Township residents can go to the City Municipal Building.

·Existing meetings will continue to be held at the Sandy Township Municipal building, but the possibility of moving the government meetings to the City building was also left open.

Budget Changes

·Budget transfers were approved to cover some higher than expected for 2024 engineering fees. According to Shawn Arbaugh, these were expected charges that were delayed. They were originally budgeted for in 2023.

·The Maple Avenue Sidewalk bid has been awarded but is still going through the due diligence process by PennDOT. It was $50k under what was expected.


·Shawn announced the annual YMCA summer park program is resuming June 3 though Aug 2nd from 10 am to noon. It is free for Sandy Township, DuBois, and Brady Township residents.

Breck Road Bridge

·The bridge, in parts, has been delivered. Demolition will soon begin and the bridge built.