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Sandy Township EMA testing siren again this Saturday at noon


Sandy Township, PA – Once again, Sandy Township Emergency Management Agency will be testing out their emergency siren this Saturday at noon. They started testing it in June, and they’ll continue to test it at the beginning of each month.

So if you’re in the Sandy Township and DuBois area on the 4th of July and hear a loud siren, don’t be alarmed.

The Sandy Township Municipal building is testing their Civilian Defense Siren, which has been out of service for some time. It was used at one time to alert the Oklahoma Fire Company to emergency incidents. Now they’ll be testing it each month and will be using it to alert citizens of impending weather-related emergencies.

They will be testing the siren and will subsequently be testing it at noon on the first of every month going forward. Again, please know that when you hear the siren in Sandy Township this Saturday, it’s just a test.

Listen to the interview with Larry Bickel, Sandy Township Emergency Management Agency coordinator (originally recorded in June when the siren was first being tested).