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Roland Welker cuts ribbon for replica Rock House at Bilger’s Rocks


Grampian, PA – Roland Welker, Clearfield County native who won season 7 of History Channel’s Alone reality series, cut the ribbon at Bilger’s Rocks at the grand opening of a new replica of his famous Rock House.

Although that season of Alone aired more than a year ago, the show’s new home on Netflix has found new fans… including those in Clearfield County who noticed that Roland grew up in Shiloh, PA!

Roland Welker won the $1 million prize by surviving for 100 days in the Arctic with just 10 items given to him (including his trusty axe) to help build a shelter and survive alone in temperatures that dipped down to as low as -40 degrees. There was no support team or camera crew along with him.

Now locals in Clearfield County can get a small sense of what it was like for Roland Welker. Thirteen volunteers worked for more than 300 hours to build a replica at Bilger’s Rocks.

Bilger’s Rocks can be found at 1921 Bilgers Rocks Rd, Grampian, PA 16838.

Check back for more videos and photos from the event.

Roland Welker at Bilger’s Rocks for the Rock House replica and trail dedication, talking about how his faith helped him get through 100 days in the wilderness.