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Robotic pets provide companionship to older residents in Clearfield County


Clearfield, PA – The Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, in partnership with award-winning robotic pet manufacturer Ageless Innovation, is distributing 100 robotic Joy for All Companion Pets to those most at-risk for social isolation.

CCAAA Director Kathleen Gillespie states, “The use of the therapeutic robotic pets is to provide an intervention for our socially isolated older adults. Human beings are social creatures by nature and were meant to engage and grow with others.

Our connections to one another help us to grow and thrive. We know that social isolation and loneliness are risk factors for poor health and poor aging outcomes; adding to the significant chronic health conditions some of our most frail elders live with daily. These animatronic pets offer the only known balm for loneliness, which of course is companionship.”

Social connection is not always something older adults have access to, especially in rural areas. Often times, immediate family members live a distance away, making it difficult for family interaction. While social distancing was put in place to slow the physical effects of COVID-19, it also has the unintended effect of heightening the risk of social isolation and loneliness even more, ultimately leaving older adults and caregivers looking for solutions to provide comfort, companionship, and joy in this time of physical absence.

Joy for All Companion Pets allow socially isolated older adults to receive similar gratification and comfort that they would from live pets by calming anxiety, decreasing loneliness, and providing a better quality of life—without needing to worry about food or vet bills.

Older adults who are interested in participating in this program are encouraged to contact the CCAAA at 814-765-2696 or by email to [email protected].

Visit the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging website to learn more about the services they offer.


This is part of what we’ll talk about on Contact on Connect FM this Thursday! Bobbi Johnson, Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging will discuss the problems being faced by elderly residents of our area during the COVID-19 crisis including ongoing concerns regarding isolation and loneliness. Hear Contact! on Connect FM – 96.7 & 99.7 FM, 1420 AM Thursday morning at 8:35 am and www.connectradio.fm.

Kathleen Gillespie, CEO of CCAAA, with robotic pets available to provide companionship for older adults in need.