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Reflecting on the good things of this year as 2020 comes to a close


DuBois, PA – As 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on some of the good things we’ve seen this year in our community.

Despite a pandemic and tough situations over these past several months, we’ve seen our community members pull together like never before, stepping up to help people time and time again.

We’ve seen our healthcare workers, nursing home staff, grocery store employees, utility workers, emergency crews, and many more professions work through unusual and stressful conditions.

We’ve seen our students and teachers grow and adapt to unexpected changes, showing us that school is about so much more than tests and workbooks.

We’ve seen our business owners become creative and innovative even while they’re struggling, and we’ve seen the amazing support of people turning out to shop at their local stores.

We’ve seen our non-profits provide support to others in a time of unprecedented need.

We’ve seen a newfound love for simple things that we are currently missing, things that we will appreciate more than ever once we’re able to do them again.

We’ve seen everyday people wake up day after day, sometimes on very difficult days, with hope that things will get better if we work together.

Thank you for showing us how incredible you can be.

Here’s to 2020, and here’s to a happy New Year in 2021.