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Punxsy man found innocent after originally being accused of taking $350,000 from elderly woman


Punxsutawney, PA – A Punxsutawney man who was originally accused of and arrested for allegedly stealing from an elderly woman has now been found innocent and all charges have been dropped.

33-year-old Jay Alexander Philliber had been acting as the power of attorney for 72-year-old Joannne M. Garrett of Punxsutawney.

He had been accused by her son of stealing $350,000 in both cash and merchandise from the woman.

However, according to Philliber’s lawyer, Blair Hindman from Clarion, the district attorney found that Philliber was using the money as the woman had instructed and had been quote “like a son to her.”

Although a large amount of her money had been spent by Philliber, Garrett was wealth. Hindman says he had asked Philliber to use the money to do things like take her out for dinner and go on vacations with her.

Hindman says it’s unfortunate that it took more than a year to clear the charges and make things right again. In the meantime, he says Philliber’s reputation has been damaged and his life forever changed by the accusations.

Listen to the full interview with attorney Blair Hindman.