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Prayer vigil for healthcare workers at Penn Highlands DuBois tonight


DuBois, PA – Tonight from 6:45 until 7:45 p.m., people will be parking at Penn Highlands DuBois and praying for healthcare workers during the nurses’ shift change.

The DuBois Light and Life Church encourages everyone to come and pray at the hospital.

Please remain in your vehicles, but you can make signs, put on your blinkers, and tune in to 88.1 (Christian radio station) for a sense of unity.

Please park in either the front or rear of the CRC building (next to PHD), front of Medical Arts building, or front of MIS building.

See the Facebook event page for details.

Calling all Prayer Warriors!
We want to cover Penn Highlands DuBois Hospital with prayer! We want to pray (at a distance in our cars) for each person that enters the hospital patients and employees and those who will go after.
Will you join us?

Plan is:
• Meet at Penn Highlands DuBois west Hospital
+Tuesday April 21st by 6:45pm (be early for shift change) and staying until 7:45pm
+This time is specific for shift change so we can cover those coming out and those going in.
• Tune into 88.1 Christian Radio during the vigil, this will give unison among those attending
• Turn your blinkers on to show that we are there in unison and prayer ????
• You are encouraged to bring signs/posters to place on the outside of your Vehicles.
• We encourage you to place a red heart ♥️ on the outside of your vehicle to show Penn Highlands that they are “the heart of the community”
• Beginning at 6:45 we ask that you PRAY and WORSHIP during this time to cover employees and patients!

• PLEASE remember to stay IN your vehicle to abide by social distancing rules!


Parking is available on the following locations at Penn Highlands DuBois West.
(This allows appropriate parking for the oncoming staff)
• in front of the CRC building (located Beside PDH)
• rear of the CRC building (located beside PHD)
• In front of the Medical Arts Building
• in front of the MIS building

Please refrain from honking your horns or making loud noises to ensure we are respectful during this time.

To come together as a community, Physically surround and fill the parking lots of the hospital with cars, to pray for each employee and patient. Pray/Worship letting everyone know that our GOD is so much bigger than the virus! God knows our hearts, He knows those on the frontlines. HE KNOWS! Let’s lift them up and let them know they are not alone in this fight!

See you THIS TUESDAY, APRIL 21ST, 2020 at 6:45PM
Any questions please message us and we will respond as soon as possible! Thank You and PLEASE SHARE!