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Police warn of two scams, both claiming you won money


Lawrence Township, PA – Two big scams are hitting the Clearfield County area, and police want you to be on the lookout so you’re not the next victim.

Lawrence Township Police Department gave an update on two scams, one involving someone claiming to be from Amazon and another from Direct TV.

Both scams are very similar.

The scam artist will call you, claiming that you have won money and they want you to manually enter it into your checking account. They ask for your account info and put money in your account in a pending status.

Even though the money will look like it’s been deposited, the scam artist will then cancel and pull money out of your account.

If you get a call this this, please disregard it and simply hang up.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

If you ever have any questions about whether something is a scam, write down the caller’s information, hang up, and call your local non-emergency police number to ask about the situation.