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Patton Man Arrested during Traffic Stop; Allegedly Violates PFA when Making Phone Call in Jail


Clearfield County – A 30-year-old Patton man was jailed after a traffic stop and then allegedly violated a PFA against him for calling the victim while in jail.

According to reports, Jeffrey Burkhart was arrested on February 23rd in Bigler Township for allegedly driving under the influence and providing a false name to law enforcement.

The list of charges also include attempted theft of a motor vehicle due to allegedly attempting to steal a patrol vehicle during a traffic stop.

A passenger in the vehicle, 35-year-old Steven Depto of Patton, was also arrested for similar charges, including false identification, drug possession, DUI, and the previously mentioned attempted theft of a motor vehicle charge.

Both suspects were then transported to the Clearfield County Jail for the incident.

It was then reported that on February 28th, Burkhart made a phone call from the Clearfield County Jail that was an alleged PFA violation. Charges are currently pending in that case.