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Ohio woman faces charges after dead dog found outside Brookville hotel room

BROOKVILLE – Animal cruelty and neglect charges have been filed against a traveling nurse after a dead puppy was found in a cage outside her hotel room in Brookville.

Brookville Police say 28-year-old Yasmin Posley of Akron, Ohio will face a preliminary hearing on the charges in Jefferson County magisterial court on April 11th.

Posley claimed that she had made an appointment with a veterinarian because the puppy was losing weight, but the dog died before the day of the appointment.

Posley also told police she allegedly kept the dead dog in her hotel room for two-to-three weeks since she didn’t know how to dispose of it properly.

A clinical summary prepared by an unnamed veterinarian reportedly claims that the cause of death for the dog was most likely severe malnutrition and starvation.