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New telephone scam targeting registered sex offenders


Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania State Police issued a press release on Friday with important details on a new phone scam targeting registered sex offenders.

The scam involves an individual calling an offender registered on the Pennsylvania Megan’s Law website and claiming that the offender is not in compliance with their registration requirements. In some instances, the scammer told the offender that they even had a warrant out for their arrest.

Registered offenders are then told that they must arrange a money transfer with any type of cash card in order to be compliant once more with their registration requirements.

State Police officials in the press release state, “PSP does not solicit convicted sex offenders for any type of monetary compensation to gain compliance with registration requirements. Anyone who receives such a telephone call should not initiate any type of financial transaction but rather attempt to verify the caller’s phone, obtain as much information as possible about the caller, take detailed notes on the caller’s instructions provided and immediately report the call to their local law enforcement agency.”

The release goes on to state that any registered offenders with questions or concerns on their compliance status should contact the Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s Law Section at 1-866-771-3710.