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Water mandate and drought status after last week’s dry weather


Jefferson County, PA – Because of dry weather last week, the Jefferson County Emergency Services director says the county is currently classified in the moderate drought status.

The Brady Township Troutville Water Association is also mandating that people conserve water since the drought has depleted some of the water supply.

Be mindful about how much water you use, and think about whether it’s really necessary at the moment to do things like wash your car.

The Jefferson County Emergency Services director is also urging you to not start any backyard campfires or controlled burns, just in case the sparks could spread.

We are expecting some wet weather for this week, which could help things, but it will still take some time for the water supply to recover from last week’s dry weather.


Brookville, PA – With the limited amount of rain over the past couple of months, Jefferson County is currently in a Moderate Drought Status.

According to Tracy W. Zents, Director of Emergency Services, a moderate drought status is part of a tiered impact category that shows current drought conditions across the Commonwealth.

Currently, Jefferson County is listed as a “D1” status where voluntary water conservation is requested, as lake levels are below normal capacity. “With ponds, streams and lakes being low, it also increases the changes for a spread of wildfires as conditions will allow for rapid spread,” Zents said.

At the request of the Department of Emergency Services and the majority of the Fire Chief’s in Jefferson County, we are asking residents not to conduct any outdoor controlled burns until further notice. Current conditions are not favorable, and long-range forecasts, while showing going into September is just above normal conditions, this is typically the driest time of the season. Responses can be reduced for our first responders with everyone being patient until conditions improve.

“Burning in Drought Conditions can put a lot of people at risk to include our responders,” Zents said. “It overtaxes our emergency services, especially our volunteer firefighters, when they can be prevented. We are requesting that everyone be patient and hope conditions improved quickly.”

Zents noted that a burn ban resolution may be enacted on this week.