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Meholick vs Gelfand in November’s DuBois District Judge race


DuBois, PA – Although it was a tight race, it seems to be official. David Meholick won the DuBois District Judge Republican candidacy over his five other contenders, including Gil Barker who had a very close 850 votes to Meholick’s 886 votes in the Republican race.

David “Dutch” Meholick will appear on the November ballot as the Republican candidate, while Elliot Gelfand won the Democratic ticket by a wider margin.


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Message from David Meholick to the public:

I would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank all the voters in the voting electorate of District Court 46-3-01 for taking the time to vet the candidates on the ballot, as well as making an informed decision on who best represented and served their interest and for turning out in sizable and significant numbers to vote.

Moreover, I would like to personally thank everyone whose support and vote along with all their hard work and dedication proved to be highly instrumental in delivering a victory and win for our campaign at Tuesday’s Primary Municipal Election for one of the two major political parties (The Republican ticket).

Finally, I would like to commend all the candidates and my opponents in this local race for District Judge for engaging in a political discourse throughout this Primary Municipal Election campaign cycle that was professional, spirited and respectful.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon in preparation for the fall General Election.


Message from Elliot Gelfand to the public:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

First, I want to congratulate the other candidates. Gil Barker, Mike Marshall, Dave Meholick, Scott Farrell and Randy Vargas, congratulations on well run campaigns! Thank you for putting your dedication to our community into action. I know firsthand how hard it can be to put yourself out there and ask people to trust you with their vote. So, on behalf of the DuBois area, thank you.

I’m deeply humbled to announce that I won the Democratic primary and will be moving on to the election in November! Our campaign also made a very strong showing in the Republican primary.

To those of you who voted for one of the candidates who will not be moving forward in November: Thank you for coming out to vote in support of your candidate! I know I wasn’t your first choice, but I sincerely hope you will give me a chance to be your choice in November. I promise no one will work harder to EARN your vote on November 2.

I’m extremely grateful to God, first and foremost, for affording me this opportunity. Thank you to the voters of our community, my supporters, and especially my friends and family who volunteered their time so willingly during this primary campaign! I could not have done this without you! I look forward to continuing to share my plans with community members and to continue to earn your support to demonstrate on November 2 that I am the most qualified candidate to serve this great community. I’m enthusiastic to become DuBois’s next District Judge! Let’s get to work!