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Man rams woman’s vehicle, overturns own vehicle, punches victim in head


Lawrence Township, PA – A Clearfield County man is in jail after allegedly getting into a road rage incident, striking a woman’s vehicle, and hitting her in the head and face.

Lawrence Township Police got a call around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon about someone driving aggressively and tailgating.

The caller said that a male driver, 36-year-old Robert Roach from Woodland, was following her.

The unnamed victim pulled into the Long John Silver’s near Clearfield to find help, but Roach allegedly followed her into the parking lot.

Roach then rammed his vehicle into hers when she tried to leave, ultimately causing his own vehicle to roll over.

Roach reportedly exited his crashed vehicle and confronted the woman at her driver side window, allegedly striking her in the face multiple times and attempting to pull her from the vehicle.

Eventually a good Samaritan stepped between Roach and the victim, stopping the attack.

The victim suffered injuries to her head and face but after being evaluated by Clearfield EMS, she was released at her request to a family member.

Roach is currently being housed in the Clearfield County Jail. He faces charges of aggravated assault and driving under the influence of a controlled substance, as well as other related charges.