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Local history teacher offers adult civics refresher course at Penn State DuBois


DuBois, PA – Quick… here’s a pop quiz.

What are the three branches of the government, and what do they even do? What’s the difference between a primary election and a general election? Why do we need both the House of Representatives and the Senate?

If it all seems a little fuzzy, here’s your chance to get a refresher.

Bob Anderson, a history teacher at the DuBois Area Middle School, is teaching a civics refresher course for adults at Penn State DuBois, starting Jan. 15.

It will last for the next six Wednesdays in the evenings (5:30-7:30).

The cost is $45.

Learn how the government and elections work, plus know your rights and responsibilities as an American citizen.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the class.

Listen to the full interview with teacher, Bob Anderson.

Course Description
This noncredit course will strive to motivate students to go out and vote armed with a better understanding of American Government and its branches. A local history teacher will offer this refresher to reinforce that voting is a privilege for an active, informed participant. Everyone’s view will be recognized while appreciating diversity of thought. Local legislators, an administration of justice instructor and/or a judges will be asked to present as a guest speaker. The course is pending Act 48 approval at this time.