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Local churches ring bells to honor those fighting COVID-19


Clearfield, PA – Yesterday throughout Pennsylvania, people and churches were encouraged to ring bells for three minutes at 7 p.m. to honor all of those who are fighting COVID-19, whether in the healthcare field, in government, or as businesses that are working to resume safely.

The Presbyterian Church in Clearfield was one of the locations to honor Bells Across Pennsylvania.



Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania State Mayors’ Association has initiated an event entitled “Bells Across Pennsylvania Day.” This statewide event is Sunday, May 3, 2020.

lts threefold purpose is:

  • To recognize and honor first responders, healthcare workers, and employees of grocery stores, pharmacies and other lifesustaining businesses who have maintained essential services to the general public while at risk of infection from COVID-19, and deserve to be celebrated as “hometown heroes”:
  • To show solidarity with elected officials and residents of municipalities across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all of whom are fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines together in their communities: and
  • To demonstrate a collective resolve that Pennsylvanians will prevail over COVID-19 and work tirelessly to ensure that their businesses and civic life will thrive once again.

Mayors and other municipal officials were encouraged to hold whatever events “sheltering in place” will allow such as encouraging their residents to do something special for someone in their neighborhood who is a “hometown hero” for example’a telephone call, a note of support, delivery of baked goods, etc.

At 7 p.m. on Sunday, all Pennsylvanians and houses of worship were encouraged to ring bells for three minutes – one minute for each of the above purposes.

Questions regarding “Bells Across Pennsylvania Day” may be directed to Mayor Jim Nowalk, President of the Pennsylvania State Mayors’ Association at (412) 508-6873 or [email protected].