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Lawmakers say deadly Philly shooting shows PA needs violence prevention


Philadelphia – After a deadly shooting over the holiday weekend in Philadelphia, some lawmakers say it’s a sign for that our state needs to be more focused on preventing gun violence.

On July 4th, about 90 to 100 shots were fired into a crowd gathered outside a streetwear store in Philadelphia hosting a neighborhood cookout to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The shooting left two men dead and a teenage girl wounded. The store’s owner, Sircarr Johnson Jr., was one of the two men who was killed in the shooting. The other man was identified as Salahaldin Mahmoud, a first cousin to state Sen. Sharif Street’s wife, April.

A report in USA TODAY says 230 people lost their lives nationwide in shootings over the July 4th holiday.

Senator Sharif Street says he’s seen friends of his children killed in shootings. He says many people on his staff have seen relatives murdered. And he says gun violence is a problem across the state, with cities like Harrisburg, York,

Lancaster and Reading having murder rates higher per capita than Philadelphia. He asked for gun control legislation on the federal level; and he asked his colleagues in the General Assembly to spend some of the $5-7 billion of state and federal funding set aside during the budget process on programs to stop violence in communities.

Listen to Senator Sharif Street, a Democrat serving the Philadelphia area.