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July 4 is Fish For Free Day in Pennsylvania


Harrisburg, PA – It’s summer, so why not enjoy a day of fishing with your family?

Independence Day, July 4, is a Fish for Free day in Pennsylvania.

It’s your chance to legally fish on Pennsylvania waterways with no fishing license required. Both Pennsylvania residents and visitors can take part.

Since you might already be with your extended family over the holidays, the Take Me Fishing Council says it’s a good way sharing a hobby with younger kids who might have never tried it before.


All the other fishing rules still apply, but feel free to fish on July 4, whether or not you have a fishing license. But afterwards, why not get yourself a license? The money helps support waterways and marine conservation.

For more information, visit the PFBC website. You’ll find interactive maps, regional fishing reports, and tips on fishing fundamentals.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online at GoneFishingPa.com or click here to find the closest place to buy a fishing license in person.