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Jorgensen, Libertarian presidential candidate, stops in DuBois and Clarion


DuBois, PA – The Libertarian candidate for the presidential race, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, stopped in DuBois and Clarion on Sunday, making her campaign speech, answering questions, and offering some insight into the third party’s stances.

Jorgensen says, as part of a third party, even getting on the ballot or on the debate stage is a struggle.

If she were elected president, Dr. Jorgensen says she would have handled the COVID-19 pandemic much differently.

In general, the Libertarian party advocated for civil liberties, not intervening with foreign countries, generally cutting taxes and spending, and limiting the size and scope of government.

You can learn more about Joe Jorgensen on her website, Jo20.com.

To learn more about Jorgensen’s stances on political topics, visit her Ballotpedia page. You can also look up other candidates on Ballotpedia, including Trump and Biden, to see which candidate’s viewpoints best align with what you hope for a president.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Jorgensen and reporter Travis Larrabee.