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Infuzed IV Bar opens on Midway Drive, DuBois


DuBois, PA – Today is the grand opening of the new Infuzed IV Bar on Midway Drive in DuBois!

The business is operated by Toni Sweeney, a health coach who is the owner of TS Transformations in DuBois. Sweeney was a nurse for 23 years, and she works with other licensed nurses to administer the vitamin IV drips to customers.

According to the InfuzedIVBar.com website, the “Infuzed IV hydration” drips provide specially-tailored combinations of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. The have special mixes specifically for hangovers, PMS, and seasonal allergies, as well as general wellness and hydration.

Their general menu runs from $129 to $179 dollars, with options to add additional services.

The grand opening is today at their location at 339 Midway Drive, with appointments and walk-in services available.

Click Here to visit the DuBois Infuzed IV Bar Facebook page.