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How do you celebrate Mother’s Day during social distancing?


Even though Mother’s Day is a special day to honor the mom in your life and spend time with your family, this year the celebrations have changed due to recent events.

And according to a recent survey from TopCashback.com, the USA’s most generous cashback site, 66 percent of Americans will be celebrating or doing something special for Mother’s Day this year.

The survey polled a cross-section of 1,963 adults, aged 18 and over.

Mother’s Day Tradition

While 85 percent of Americans normally do something special for Mother’s Day, plans have slightly changed this year with only 66 percent of Americans celebrating on Sunday, May 10th.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? (top three responses)

  • At home with my family (66 percent)
  • Virtually meeting with family (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.; 28 percent)
  • Visiting mom while staying a safe distance away (stand six feet apart, wave through windows, etc.; 20 percent)
  • And for the 34 percent of Americans that aren’t celebrating, the top reason why not is that they are practicing social-distancing (65 percent).

Gifts for Mom

Do you plan on giving mom a gift this year?

  • Yes (87 percent)
  • No (13 percent)

While shopping at an actual store may not be an easy option this year, 78 percent of respondents plan to shop online while 22 percent plan to shop in-person at a drug store, grocery store, etc.

What do you plan on gifting mom? (top three responses)

  • Flowers (53 percent)
  • Gift card (36 percent)
  • A phone/video call (29 percent)

How much do you plan on spending on Mother’s Day (including gift)? (top three responses)

  • $50 or less (47 percent)
  • $51 to $100 (38 percent)
  • $101 to $500 (12 percent)

What mom really wants for Mother’s Day

While a lavish present may seem like the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, sometimes all mom wants is something a little more simple.

What do you really want on your special day? (top three responses)

  • A break from the mom routine (31 percent)
  • Something homemade (29 percent)
  • Gift card (26 percent)

And whether you’re at home with your family for Mother’s Day or social distancing, here are five budget-friendly ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home from Rebecca Gramuglia, Consumer Expert at TopCashback.com.

Create something homemade. Moms love sentimental presents and an easy, inexpensive gift is something homemade. So whether it’s a drawing to hang on the fridge, a homemade card, printed/framed photos or something you’ve knitted or sewn, these gift ideas will definitely put a smile on Mom’s face.

Bring the entertainment to your home. If you typically do something entertaining (ex: see a musical, go to a concert, attend a sporting event, etc.) for Mother’s Day, your plans have likely changed this year. But, the fun can still happen at home! Consider a family game night with classic board games or even look into virtual game nights and stream games from Jackbox. If you’re leaning on the musical side of things, you can stream performances from the Met Opera in New York City or you can even watch concerts from your favorite musicians on social media and TV.

Make it a themed Mother’s Day. Who doesn’t love a good theme? If the mom in your life loves a certain decade, movie, food or anything else, try and make it into a theme! Decorate your house with things you have, create a themed menu (ex: make your own pizza, ice cream sundae, etc.), curate a playlist and dress-up in a costume (ex: 80s theme, a spa day or pajama party)! The key is to use items you already have and spend a minimal amount of money. Guaranteed you’ll have some laughs.

Shop early enough and stack the savings. Does mom have her eye on a special gift? Make sure to compare prices and stack the savings by shopping through a cashback site like TopCashback.com to earn a percentage back in cashback on all qualifying purchases. Pro tip: shop earlier rather than later to make sure your gift arrives on time.

Cook and make the house sparkle. Who doesn’t love to be pampered all day? Treat the mom in your life to a clean house and a delicious meal. These are two simple gestures that go a long way and are easy on the wallet.