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Hackers spoof Senator Dush’s email address


Brookville, PA – Senator Cris Dush says internet hackers are spoofing his Senate e-mail address, sending e-mails pretending to be him.

These emails then offer a link to collect “exclusive awards” if you click on the link to provide your opinion about a commercial company.

Government officials will never provide such links and make offers through companies. People who have received these emails have also indicated that the link to “unsubscribe” does not work either.

Don’t click on any links, even the “unsubscribe” links on any suspicious emails. It is better to simply delete the email so as to not alert the spammer that yours is a legitimate email to which they can send more garbage.

After being notified, Senator Dush contacted the computer services staff with the Senate Republican Caucus. He says he was told what is being sent out is junk email that spoofs/fakes addresses and it isn’t something that their e-mail system can control or are responsible for. Apparently, this can happen to anyone, but it seems to happen more often with public e-mail addresses.

Please be vigilant regarding your email. Do not send your personal information out to anyone in response to an unsolicited email.