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Groundhog Day goes virtual, Phil predicts six more weeks of winter


Punxsutawney, PA — Punxsutawney Phil, our Seer of Seers and Prognosticator of Prognosticators, saw his shadow this morning, predicting six more weeks of winter.

It happened during the first ever all-virtual Groundhog Day.

One of the members of the Groundhog Club Inner Circle took a moment before the prediction to acknowledge what a stressful year 2020 was and how the pandemic had changed everyone’s plans.

“People have been referencing Groundhog Day. It has felt like at times we’re all living the same day over and over again. But Groundhog Day also shows us that the monotony ends. The cycle will be broken. Today actually is Groundhog Day… there’s only one. There is quite literally a new day coming over the horizon, and it looks pretty good.”

Phil had predicted an early spring last year in 2020. Since his first appearance in 1887, Phil has only predicted an early spring 20 times.

Punxsutawney Phil’s scroll this year rad the following:

“It’s a beautiful morning this I can see, with all my fans viewing virtually. My faithful followers being safe and secure, our tradition of Groundhog Day must endure. We have all passed through the darkness of night but now see hope in morning’s bright light. But now when I turn to see, there’s a perfect shadow cast of me. Six more weeks of winter there will be.”

CLICK HERE to visit the website and see the livestream of the event.