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Gov. Wolf will veto bill that would allow more fans in HS sports stands

Harrisburg, PA — It appears that a bill that could have been the final chance for schools to be able to open up their stands to fans will be vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf.

The governor says its unnecessary to have this bill because schools already have the power to hold sports events if they wish, albeit at a smaller capacity.

To be clear, schools do have the ability to move forward with sports, but they’re still held to the statewide gathering limits of 25 people indoors and 250 outdoors.

This bill, which the governor says he will veto, would have given schools the ability to admit larger crowds that what is currently allowed.

Many schools throughout Pennsylvania say they cannot effectively have sports with fans in the stands because of the number of student athletes, referees, administrators, band members, and cheerleaders that already count toward the 250 total, and they would quickly hit that number even just allowing parents in the stands.


Read the Associated Press news story:

Harrisburg, PA (AP) — Gov. Tom Wolf will veto another coronavirus-related bill, this time one that would give a school district or private school sole authority to decide whether and how to conduct sports during the 2020-21 school year. The bill passed the state Senate on Wednesday, 39-11, a week after it passed the House.

Wolf’s office said it was unnecessary since school districts already control decisions on school sports and suggested that it was irresponsible because it would allow districts to green-light big crowds at sporting events that help spread the virus.

Wolf has ordered crowds at school sports kept to statewide gathering limits of 25 people indoors and 250 people outdoors.