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First Class Children’s Foundation delivers free books to local kids


DuBois, PA – In the middle of the chaos came an act of kindness from First Class Children’s Foundation.

Matt Reed and his organization dropped off Imagination Boxes full of books, Pokemon trading card, fun school supplies, and art products to five lucky kids this past weekend!

CLICK HERE to see the heartwarming video.

In addition to the five special boxes, Matt also gave about about a hundred free books to other kids.

The First Class Children’s Foundation team delivered the books to people’s door/mailbox throughout the greater DuBois area. No face to face contact necessary, just great books for children to read!

First Class Children’s Foundation responded to the National Pandemic by doing what we have done since day 1: we helped local kids!

We began a program Thursday night on Facebook with the idea to give away free books and educational supplies to children. The response was amazing. In total we gave away 115 of Scholastics newest and best kids books. We gave away 8 Imagination Boxes (bringing our program total to 181 boxes donated). We made 34 deliveries to local households to drop off books and shipped out 7 packages full of books to children just a little too far away.

We urge our supporters to continue to #lookforthehelpers during this tough time.

If you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there is hope. -Fred Rogers


We were on the road delivering free books and Imagination Boxes to kids all over our area today! Special thanks to my Fiancé Kim, our puppy Ginger, our friend Drew Curley, and my Aunt Vicki Miller for helping to deliver!






Thank you, First Class Children’s Foundation! Learn more at their website.