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Emergency crews called out for storm-related incidents


Clearfield County, PA – After strong thunderstorms and wind Monday, fire crews were called out to multiple locations for downed power lines, tree branches across roadways, and other storm-related incidents.

A house on Susquehanna Avenue in Curwensville also caught fire after it was struck by lightning, although it was quickly extinguished with the help of a neighbor.

Thank you to our first responders for helping with this storm, as well as other emergencies!

Click Here to read safety tips from the CDC about storms and lightning.

According to the National Weather Service:

The best defense against thunderstorms is to stay inside a sturdy building or shelter that can protect you from deadly lightning, large hail, damaging winds, flooding rain and tornadoes. Fortunately, thunderstorms typically do not last very long and will most often pass by your location in less than one hour.

Once in a shelter, stay away from windows and avoid electrical equipment and plumbing. Remember to bring pets inside. If there is time, secure loose objects outside as these objects often become dangerous flying debris in high winds.

Postpone outdoor activities until the storms have passed.

If caught outside, take shelter in a sturdy enclosed building or hard top automobile immediately. Avoid open spaces, isolated objects, high ground and metallic objects.

Get out of boats and away from bodies of water. Remember, if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning.