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Election results: 2021 primary election for Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk


Pennsylvania – Although the results are still unofficial as mail-in ballots and write-in votes are still being tallied, we have some initial results for the 2021 municipal primary election.

Again, this is a primary, which sets the stage for which candidates will represent the Democrat and Republican parties on the November ballot for each seat.

One hotly contested seat was for Magisterial District Judge for the DuBois area, which featured six candidates who each showed up on both the Democrat and Republican tickets. The unofficial results for Clearfield County show Elliot Gelfand leading on the Democratic ballot and David Meholick leading slightly over Gil Barker on the Republican ballot.

If these results remain fairly unchanged when they become finalized, that means that Gelfand will most likely be running against Meholick for DuBois District Judge.

Current Jefferson County District Attorney Jeff Burkett took the lead against contender Joe Ryan, who both ran on the Republican ticket for Jefferson County District Attorney.

There were also four ballot measures up for immediate vote, which everyone who is a registered voter regardless of party affiliation can vote on. Two of these measures pertain to the governor’s emergency powers, which would extend not just for this governor but also for future governors of Pennsylvania.

The first potential constitutional amendment would empower the legislature to extend or terminate a emergency declaration by resolution. The second potential amendment addresses the governor’s emergency powers, including requiring legislative approval to continue beyond 21 days.

In both of those questions, the unofficial results came out as 53 percent in favor of restricting the governor’s powers and 46 percent voting against it. The result right now is too close to officially call.


Ongoing results:

Pennsylvania ballot results

Clearfield County results

Jefferson County results

Elk County results (click on unofficial media report)

All results are pending official and final tabulation. Not all write-in ballots have been calculated yet in many counties.